Using the programming button is only necessary if replacing a lost or damaged control, deleting controls, or in the rare case a motor loses the ability to receive the RF signal property ("locks up").

To reset the motor and delete all previous settings:
NOTE: Before resetting the motor, keep the target motor powered but disconnect all other motors from their power source.

1. Locate the reset button on the motor (see images below to identify the location)

2. Using a programming tool, press and hold the program button on the motor until the shade/blind jogs three times (approximately 15 seconds).

2a.  If a CELLUAR/PLEATED/ROMAN MOTOR  Insert a reset tool (pictured C motor) into the fitting and press and hold the reset tool program button for approximately 15 seconds. The red LED light blinks once, turns to a solid light, and then blinks rapidly and goes out.
Proceed to step 3.

3. All controls and limits are now erased and the motor is reset. REVIEW THE STEPS HERE set the upper/lower limits.