Check the status of the LED.  If it is blinking, the gateway is most likely disconnected from the internet.    

  • Try cycling the power (disconnect gateway from the USB power source and re-attach).  If it comes back online, the LED should turn off. 
  • If a power cycle does not help, try resetting its network settings.  (See How can I reset my Gateway).   After resetting the Gateway, it will need to be connected to Wi-Fi network again (see How can I connect my Gateway to a different Wi-Fi network)
  • If none of the above works, make sure the Gateway is within range and you Wi-Fi network has not changed (frequency, name, password).

NOTE: Upon first set up, the gateway updates to the latest Available Release once connected to the internet (after the enrollment process is complete).    Once the Gateway is visible on the App, it may show offline for a few minutes while it performs a Firmware Upgrade.   If it stays offline for a considerably longer time, cycle the power.