●   Make sure the device is within range*

●   Check battery status for battery operated devices

●   Make sure the device is not blocked or contained by metal objects

You can try placing the affected device in a closer position to the gateway. If moving it closer

does not fix the issue, re-connect it. To connect it again, please try excluding the device from 

the gateway and adding it again within 3 feet .


* With Z-Wave, the range is about 100-feet (30-meters) but it depends upon the materials in the

way of the devices. Certain obstructions will decrease the Z-Wave range:

  • Each wall or obstacle (such as refrigerator, big screen TV, etc.) between the gateway

and a Z-Wave device will reduce the maximum range by approximately 25-30%

Brick, ceramic tile, granite, concrete walls, metal walls, mirrors, and smoked glass block

  • Z-Wave signals more than walls made of wooden studs, plasterboard (drywall), clear

glass, or plastic

  • Wall mounted Z-Wave devices installed in metal junction boxes will suffer a significant

loss of range (approximately 20%) since the metal box blocks a large part of the Z-Wave


  • All Z-Wave devices that plug directly into an AC wall power outlet, such as dimmers and

smart switches, act as "repeaters." You can also buy a repeater as a standalone

accessory device. If a Z-Wave device does not appear to be communicating with the

gateway, try plugging in a repeater approximately halfway between the device and the