• Maximum of 30 devices can be added to a single Gateway.    

    • Devices are shades, remotes, and any other Z-Wave device added. 

  • Be patient and let the Gateway configure the shade(s).   The more shades that have been added to the gateway, the longer the process can take for the naming page to appear. The key indicator that the device is being networked is the shade will jog after releasing the button, or for the MCZ, the MCZ will display its network node ID 

  • During set-up; the Gateway must be within 5-feet of device

  • Make sure any other shades that have already been added to the gateway are powered and working using the app. That no shades display a ‘Failed to Communicate’ error. If they do, bring the gateway back within communication range, or power these shade(s). All shades on the Gateway need to be communicating OK with the Gateway during inclusion of a new device.

  • DO NOT in any circumstance 1-jog or network reset shades or remote after a failed attempt to add it to the Gateway. Only use the Gateway to properly exclude the shade or remote


  1. First: confirm the shades/remotes have a new power source, the shades antenna is visible and not damaged or broken.

    1. Shade – After visually inspecting the shades antenna, press manual button to operate shade

      1. If shade operates – move to checking Gateway

      2. If shade does not operate – refer to MZ – Motor does not move 

    2. Gateway – Make sure gateway is going in to inclusion mode;  

      1. When ready to add device & timer is counting down the LED should be SOLID blue

      2. If not, cancel pairing wizard and fully close the app (do not just minimize), then reopen app

      3. The app will re-establish connection with the Gateway and restore functionality

  2. Once shade and gateway are confirmed working; make sure the Gateway is within 5-feet of the shades.

    1. An extension cord can be used during setting up the Gateway.


  1. If the shade and/or remote does not include into the Gateway, they may already belong to another network.   

  2. (it is possible for the timer to reach zero while the gateway configures the new device if it is a large system, with a lot of shades) If the shade DOES NOT jog after activating learn mode, continues to blink green and the LED on Gateway is SOLID blue –

    1. Click on option (bottom of app) “Try Again”

  3. The app will turn off inclusion mode and turn on exclusion mode to attempt to exclude the shade 

    1. When app advised it is ready to remove the device, and Gateway is SOLID blue

    2. Press and hold the shade Programming button until it blinks green (3-5 seconds); then release

    3. If shade jogs when released, it was successfully excluded. The user may see a message ‘the exclusion process has stopped’, this is seen when excluding a device that was not networked to the Gateway

  4. Click on option (bottom of app) “Try Again” button, to turn back on inclusion mode and to try to include the device again

For Additional Support:

  • App:  On the main account screen or login page, click on “?” Icon – this will generate an email template – be sure to fill in all information requested, note: responses can take up to 24 hours

  • Email:, note: responses can take up to 24 hours.

  • Phone: 1-800-221-6352 - Monday – Friday 8:30 - 6:30 pm (eastern)