During initial setup of the Gateway to Wi-Fi, you need to have your phone that is setting up the Gateway, close to the Gateway (no farther than 5 feet). This is while you are connected to the Atom network. 

  • If getting a Password Incorrect error, make sure that the Wi-Fi network password is correct. After entering in the Password, you can click the eyeball icon in the password field to show what you have typed
  • If still getting a password incorrect error, check that the password you have and are using, works to connect your phone to Wi-Fi. Go to the phone settings, click the details of the Wi-Fi network you are using and click “Forget Network”. The network will reappear in the available networks, now click it to reconnect, the phone will prompt you to enter in the password. If it connects OK, the password you are using, should be correct. If it does NOT connect, the password being used is not correct
  • If the error relates to the app or phone being disconnected from the Gateway, or “Connection Lost” the phone that is setting up the Gateway is too far away from it, while connected to the atom network. Start the process over, ensuring that you are within 5 feet of the Gateway