In this sequence, you may copy and paste from one control to another or from one channel on a control to any other channel on the same control or a new one.

Note before you begin!    Do not press the programming button outside of this sequences unless otherwise instructed by a Customer Service Agent.  

NOTE: Before adding or deleting controls/channels, keep the target shade powered but disconnect all other motors from their power source. 

Adding a Control or Channel

1. Start with the controller or channel that currently operates the shade


2. To copy, use a paper clip or similar item to press and hold the programming button until the window covering jogs.

If the wrong shade jogs, you have selected the wrong channel. Press the programming button you just pressed until the shade jogs again. 

Select the correct channel and start again from step 1.

3. Select the new control or channel to be added. 

4. To paste, use a paper clip or similar item to press and release (less than 2 seconds) the programming button on the new channel or controller.  The window covering will jog to acknowledge.

Now both the original and new control or channel operate the same shade.   These steps will need repeated for each remote/channel. 

If your shade is working off the wrong controller or channel, Click here to for removing shade from channel or remote