Use the programming sequence below to control multiple window coverings with one control/channel, also known as "creating a group." You will find it helpful to review the instructions on page 14 before moving on to this programming sequence.

1. Identify the window coverings you want to put into a group. Be sure that each window covering is operated on its own control or on its own channel and then identify the control or the channel you want to be your group channel.

2. Select the control or the channel that operates the first shade you’d like to program. Copy 

    To copy, use a paper clip or similar item to press and hold the programming button until the window covering jogs. (see complete directions here

3. Select the desired channel by momentarily pressing the channel selector button and Paste 

    To paste, use a paper clip or similar item to press and release (less than 2 seconds) the programming button on the new channel or controller.  The window covering will jog to acknowledge. (see complete directions here)

4. Repeat the copy and paste sequence until all the shades you wish to have in the group have been pasted into the desired channel. Your original control or channel will continue to operate the window covering individually and the group channel will now control the window coverings in unison.