The battery life of your motorized shades is a highly dependent on several factors:

  • Size of shade and weight of fabric. Larger, heavier shades consume more energy when operated.
  • How often the shade is operated. The more frequently shades are operated, the more energy they consume.
  • Type and quality of batteries used. We recommend Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries for best performance.
  • Correct battery orientation. Often, a motorized shade will operate even if one of the batteries is installed backwards, but battery life is significantly reduced.
  • Temperature of environment where batteries are installed. Excessively hot or cold environments tend to deplete batteries more rapidly.
  • How frequent the shade's radio is active. While active, the shade's radio consumes power, so the radios are OFF more than ON. While uncommon, other systems' radios may "wake" the motor's radio, consuming more power.

Given an average size shade, with average weight fabric, using our recommended batteries, properly installed, and operated once up and once down per day, batteries should last approximately a year. If your battery performance is significantly less (demonstrated over multiple sets of batteries), contact customer service.

Another possibility could be the shade may be in an unintended always listening mode, not allowing the motor to go to sleep. By excluding the shades from their primary controller and including them again, this will turn off the always listening mode.   Please use these steps to remove the shade from always listening mode.