Depending on which motor ordered from the retail will be dependent on type and quantity of batteries. 

Somfy Simple motor 

Ten (10) AA alkaline batteries are used in each re-loadable non-rechargeable battery tube. 

All other Somfy RTS motors

Eight (8) AA lithium batteries are used in each re-loadable non rechargeable battery tube.


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AA lithium battery

Single battery tube

We recommend dual battery cases for shades over 3600 square inches or for when you want extended battery life. If you choose dual battery tubes, each shade will need 16 batteries—8 batteries per tube. For more information, refer to the product line size considerations charts.

Dual tubes include an offset Y harness 11" (28.0 cm) and 271⁄4" (63.5 cm) cable lengths(dual tubes are not required for any size horizontal blinds

You can order battery tubes with or without 8 AA batteries. If you choose to order your product without batteries, you'll have to go to the store or go online and buy AA batteries.

Important Battery Power Considerations

  • For best performance, battery power is recommended for a maximum of 10 shades. If you plan to install more than 10 motorized shades in a single location, consider an alternative power source, like a plug-in transformer.
  • Lithium batteries cannot be air shipped, or shipped to Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Hawaii.

Solar Power Kit uses NiHM Rechargeable batteries.    Each kit required 10 AA NiHM batteries that are included.    Replacements would be purchased locally.   


The NiHM charger is sold separately or can be purchased at most local stores.