You would use these steps when you order an additional shade or replacement shade using an existing remote. 

First, rule out power issues to the shade and remote control.

Once you know that both the shade and remote have power, you will need to pair the remote to the shade.      

Before you begin: 

a.  Identify what product listed below to locate the program button on the motor.  The various motor types are illustrated below.

b.  Have a paper clip or similar device

Locations of program buttons are based on the shade or blind (motor)type.  Certain products may need to be removed from the installation hardware to access.  


1. Press and hold the program button on the motor until the shade jogs once. 

A.  Solar, Roller, Woven Wood Natural Shades, Tailored Soft Roman Shades

B.  Cellular, Pleated, Classic Roman

C.  Tilt 


Once the shade has jogged once (a brief up and down movement). 

2. Press and release the programming button on the control you are adding. 

The shade will jog once (confirming the new control is added).

Repeat for each new shade to be added to existing remote. 

NOTE: After initiating the first pairing step you will have 2 minutes before the motor times
out to complete the sequence.