These step-by-step instruction should help you set up your myLink.

To get started you'll need to download the free app from the iTunes app store or Google Play.  Then plug in the myLink interface into a standard outlet.  Be sure to place the myLink near the motorized applications you plan to control.   The myLink will blink red. 

Next, open the myLink app and press Start New System.  Follow the setup prompts.   Confirm the LED is solid red indicating that the myLink is in setup mode. 

Go to network settings on your device and connect to the myLink network.   return tot he myLink app and press the Search for myLink button. 

For local time and sunset/sunrise myLink schedules, you will need to allow the app to use your location. 

Choose your network, enter the WiFi network password and press Next.   The myLink will join your network. 

Once step 4 is complete, confirm the LED status is solid green indicating that the myLink is connected to the LAN.

Once it turns solid green, press Continue.  Follow the prompts to update the system if required. 

Now simply name your myLink and select your preferred icon. 

Your myLink is now setup and we can begin RTS programming.   You can add up to 16 channels to your myLink.

Confirm that the RTS motorized products are fully operational from at least one RTS control and that all limits are set, including the "my" position if desired. 

Now, identify the transmitter that currently controls the motorized shades and confirm it is working properly.  

NOTE:  the myLink cannot be used to set limits or add and delete any RTS transmitters (controllers). 

Select the channel or channels that operate the product you wish to program.   In this example, our shade is on channel 3.  Press the programming button on the back of the remote until the shade moves up and down briefly.  

Now return to the app and press the Program button.  The shade will move up and down again. 

Now simply test the operation.   The programming is now complete for that channel.   Press DONE to add additional RTS channels.   You can repeat the process to create up to 16 channels. 

Your myLink is not configured and ready to use.   You can, however change your RTS programming at any time!   On main menu, select EDIT then select RTS programming.

That's it, your myLink is ready to use.