To add additional motorized blinds, shades or drapers to your existing myLink, watch the video or follow the instructions below.     You can build your home automation system over time.  

Before you begin!  Make sure the remote/controller is operating the shade properly and that when you press UP button the shade goes up, and when you press DOWN, the shade goes down.

Go to the main menu of you myLink app and click Edit.   If you have multiple myLinks, select the one you wish to add to. 

Click on the Plus Sign.   Name your product and select the icon. 

Now click on the Programming Wizard and follow the prompts on the screen. 

Next, press the Programming Button on controller until the shade moves briefly up and down. 

Go to the next screen in your app and press the program button.   The shade should move briefly up and down again to confirm the pairing.    

Test the shade by pressing UP or DOWN in your app.