SOMFY MYLINK™ App Control for RTS Motors

How To's for using myLink app control

SOMFY MYLINK™: Control4 Driver Link
Control Somfy RTS from Control4.  RTS motors programmed into one or several Somfy myLinks (up to 16 channels each). Included are interface drivers for myL...
Wed, 7 Oct, 2020 at 9:32 AM
SOMFY MYLINK™: How to add Motorized Shades to existing myLink.
To add additional motorized blinds, shades or drapers to your existing myLink, watch the video or follow the instructions below.     You can build your home...
Wed, 7 Oct, 2020 at 9:23 AM
SOMFY MYLINK™: Can the PIN be Reset?
Need to reset you myLink PIN?   If you need to change your myLink PIN for any reason, you can easily reset it the it in the myLink app.  First, navi...
Wed, 30 Sep, 2020 at 7:09 PM
SOMFY MYLINK™: How to Join an Existing System.
The myLink allows multiple users to control the motorized shades from different devices.     They simply need to join the system in a few short steps.  ...
Wed, 30 Sep, 2020 at 6:58 PM
SOMFY MYLINK™: What is the myLink Status Indicator and What Does it Show?
Not sure what the myLink status indicator is telling you?   Here's a helpful guide.  The myLink device and smartphone/tablet app make it simple t...
Wed, 30 Sep, 2020 at 6:47 PM
SOMFY MYLINK™: What does the LED mean?
If you're wondering what the LED light on your myLink device is telling you, this article is a helpful guide.  The Somfy myLink is an easy way to ma...
Wed, 30 Sep, 2020 at 6:33 PM
SOMFY MYLINK™: How to Create and Execute Schedules
The myLink schedule feature allow you to automatically activate your motorized products based on time of day, day of week, and even sunrise and sunset.  ...
Wed, 30 Sep, 2020 at 6:04 PM
SOMFY MYLINK™: Create and Execute Scenes
Use the myLink's scene feature to control multiple channels of motorized products with a single tap.  You can have a total of 25 scenes per my...
Wed, 30 Sep, 2020 at 6:01 PM
SOMFY MYLINK™: RTS Smartphone and Tablet Interface
Specification sheet for Somfy's myLink interface.
Wed, 30 Sep, 2020 at 5:39 PM
SOMFY MYLINK™: Set-up and Programming Instructions
These step-by-step instruction should help you set up your myLink. To get started you'll need to download the free app from the iTunes app stor...
Wed, 30 Sep, 2020 at 5:38 PM