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  • Each remote is pre-programmed to control shades and can be reprogrammed to operate multiple shades as a group. For instructions, see your owner's manual.
  • Features Up, Down, and 'MY'/STOP functions 
  • Available in White, Ivory or Black
  • Battery included (CR2430)
  • A sixteen-channel remote can control a single shade or a group of shades simultaneously
  • Convenient display provides easy identification of shade(s) being controlled
  • Available as an upgrade option to provide group control for multiple shades of any available type.
  • Features Up, Down and 'MY'/STOP functions 
  • Available in white
  • Battery included 2-AAA 
a,   ZRTSI II  
  • Used as a bridge controller between Somfy RTS  and Z-Wave networks
  • Plugs into standard wall outlet
  • Integration with 3rd party systems that use Z-Wave technology
  • 16 channels

  • Universal RTS System used to communicate between home automation or 3rd Party Systems. 
  • Converts Infrared, RS 232 or RS485 serial communications
  • 16 channels
  • Transformer included

c.  Dry Contact to RTS Interface
  • Interface communicates with all Somfy RTS motors using dry contact connection
  • Operates as a single channel Telis remote controller, providing up/down and stop commands, as well as "MY" setting
  • Weatherproof case
  • Indoor or Outdoor use

a. Telis 1 Chronis RTS Timer
  • Convenient display provides easy identification of shades being controlled
  • Effective range 30-35 feed 
  • Includes batteries and mounting hardware for when not in use
b.  Sunis Sun Sensor
  • Sensitivity (threshold) settings can be adjusted to accommodate various sun light intensity and room temperatures 
  • Operates RTS motors in accordance to the suns intensity
  • Operates all shades simultaneously 
  • Mounts to the glass or sill
  • Includes CR2430 battery
c.  Repeater
  • Strengthens and extends the radio frequency signal 
  • No programming needed
  • Plugs into wall outlet
d.  myLink
  • Controls up to 16 RTS channels or myLinks from iOS or Android devices
  • Automate window coverings with scenes and schedules
  • Supports up/down/stop commands
  • Multiple users and Remote access
  • Integration with 3rd Party systems over IP. 
  • Range up to 30 feet and could vary depending on number of RTS channels and environmental conditions. 
  • Ultra low power WiFi

Group Control 

Group control is controlling multiple shades with a single remote, this can be achieved by the Single and Multi-Channel remote

If you order an extra single-channel remote(s) for group control of your shades, we will pre-program your extra remote(s) to control your shades before your shades leave the factory as long as

  1. You order the extra remote at the same time as you order your shades.
  2. You tell us which "groups" of shades the remote(s) should control.

If you order the extra remote(s) after you initially order your shades, we will not be able to program the remote(s) at the factory. You'll need to program your extra remote(s) for your desired group control when you receive it. For help setting up group control, see this article.