For how to get started, watch the video, read the instructions or download the attachment below:

BEFORE YOU BEGIN:  You will need a previously configured and operational myLink (the device and app), as well as an Amazon Alexa device and app.   Both apps are available from your app store. 

In your myLink app, select Integration from the main menu.  Then click on Amazon Alexa.

Next click on the Link New Account. In the Amazon Alexa app, sign in using your associated Amazon email address and enter your Amazon password. You can select the "show password" button to ensuree accuracy when entering your password.

Next select "Sign In" to continue.   If you are new to Amazon, you will need to "Create a New Amazon Account" by selecting that button on the bottom of the screen. 

On the next screen, confirm if you are the user associated with the email credentials entered on the previous screen, or if you are someone else.   Next you confirm your first and last name.   When are done, select "Continue".   By selecting "Continue" the user is agreeing to all of the Amazon's terms and conditions. 

If you would like Alexa to have permissions to your contacts and send you notifications when you receive new messages, calls and alerts, select "Allow".   Select later if you want to do this setup at another time. 

In order to use Amazon Alexa to send and receive calls and messages, you will need to verify your phone number next.  Select "Continue" when finished.   You can select "Skip" if you choose not to use these features or would like to add them later. 

On the main menu select "Skills & Games" to search for the Somfy myLink skills.   In the search field, type in "Somfy" or "myLink" or "Somfy myLink" to find all related Alexa skills.   Select "Somfy myLink SmartHome". 

Using the "Somfy myLink Smart Home" skill enables users to create and execute routines.   Routines are a series of actions from one or more devices using a single voice command, automatically by time of day or in response to a sensor change or other device trigger.

To enable/disable the skill, select the corresponding button.   When setting up the skill for the first time (or after unlinking your account) the enable skill button will be seen. 

NOTE:  Disabling the Somfy myLink Smart Home skill will unlink your account. 

After enabling the Somfy myLink skill in the Alexa app, you will need to go back to the Somfy myLink app to complete account linking.   Your myLink and Amazon Account are now successfully linked! 

Click "Done" and check out all the possible commands you may use with your Alexa device to control your Somfy-powered motors.