Learn how to create a routine by watching the video, reading the instructions or downloading the attachment below:

A routine for Amazon Alexa allow for your compatible smart home devices to work together in multiple combinations. 

In this example, we show you how to open your Somfy powered shades and turn on the lights with one simple voice command. 

BEFORE YOU BEGIN:   You will need configured myLink and Amazon Alexa apps.    You will also need to connect your Somfy myLink to the Amazon Alexa app before you can create a routine.   See "How do I connect my myLink my Alexa device". 

In the Alexa app, go to main menu and select routines.

Click on the plus sign in the top right corner. 

To set up Alexa voice command, click on the plus sign next to "when this happens" and select Voice.

Enter your wake phrase.

Now let's add the action, in our case the Somfy powered shades.

To do that, first click on Smart Home and choose from the menu to control a device, group or scene.

Then sent the power on or off depending on what you want to happen when you say your phrase.   We want the shades to open, so we select power on. 

You can add other actions to your routine, for example lights.   to do so, click on the plus sign next to Add Action and select the device, group or scene. 

We want all out smart lights in the kitchen and bathroom to go on at the same time as the shades open, just make sure it's a nice and bright for breakfast. 

Your routine is now set!   When we say "Alexa, rise and shine" the shade in the bedroom will go up and all the lights in the bathroom and kitchen will turn on automatically.