If the shade doesn't operate when you press and release the program/operation button, the most common cause is a power issue. Always check that connections are firmly made and that you have batteries installed correctly (if applicable). One of the easiest ways to determine whether a shade is operational is to substitute the power from a known working shade (if possible). If you don't have a known working power source to substitute, check the following:

STEP 1: Check the battery in the control(s) 

  1. Press and release any button on the remote control for the shade.   Does the remote light up? 
  2. If no lights light up, you will need to replace the CR2430 battery in your remote, you will need a screwdriver to open the control. 


STEP 2: Check power to the shade motor

Test for power to the shade by pressing and releasing the program button on the motor. 

Battery Power

1.  Remove one end cap and remove the AA batteries, insert new AA Batteries. 

Note: Be sure to follow the label on the battery tube that displays proper battery direction.


2.  Ensure both battery end caps are on straight and tight. This is the most common mistake made when battery tubes are not working.

Note:  Both caps are removable and if not fully screwed on, the tube will not work


3.   Ensure motor lead and battery lead connections are tight and secure.

Once the power is fixed, reconnect the battery tube to the shade and refer back to checking shade operation on the motor. 

Solar Power Kit - see PDF Attachment below.    

Batteries can be charged with a NiHM charger purchased locally. 

STEP 3: Re-Pair the Shade and Remote

See the steps here to pair the control and the shade.