In the event, your password is forgotten you can reset your account password. Springs Window Fashions does not have visibility of your passwords, or are we able to reset, or create a password for you

How to reset your password: In the event that your account password has been forgot, you will need to follow the Password Reset procedure in the app

Note: During this process, two separate emails will be automatically generated. The 1st email includes a link to reset your password, the 2nd email will contain the new password after the link has been clicked


  • At the main log-in page in the app, click the Link “Forgot Password?”
  • A popup box will appear with two options, to reset your Password using your email address or using the username you chose, when creating your account
  • Enter the username in the Username field and click “Send Email”
  • Confirm you wish to reset your Password by clicking “Yes”
  • An additional message will show, notifying the user that a new Password Link was emailed to their email address
  • Login to your email address, open the newest email. It will have a link to officially reset the password and send the 2nd email containing the new autogenerated password
  • Once clicked, you will be directed to a webpage that says your password has been reset and that an email has been sent with the new password. Close the web page
  • Open the 2nd newest email to obtain the new Password

Note: The new password is computer generated, contains uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters and is a string of 14+ characters. Use the eyeball icon in the app, to show the password you are entering for accuracy

Always use the most recent password reset link, or new password email you receive