When first powering the Gateway for a new setup, the Gateway should start broadcasting a small Wi-Fi network called Atom_####### (the numbers represent the serial number of the Gateway). The LED on the Gateway, when new out of the box, will flash one time when first powered and go out. 

If the Gateway is not broadcasting the Atom_####### network do the following:

  • Make sure the phone you are setting up the Gateway with, is within a few feet of the Gateway
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi on the phone setting up the Gateway is turned ON
  • Refresh the phones Wi-Fi settings page so it searches for available Wi-Fi networks in range
  • Check the LED status of the Gateway, for a new setup, the LED would be OFF. For a Gateway trying to connect to Wi-Fi, or after it has been previously configured the LED would be blinking blue about one second apart
  • Perform a Wi-Fi reset on the Gateway by doing the following:
    • Quickly tap the Gateway programming button twice. When the Gateway LED starts blinking blue once per second, the Atom Network should be available. Return to the shade app, restart the process for adding a Gateway to the app and follow the prompts