For inclusion: if receiving this error the inclusion process on the gateway has either timed out, the device is already networked to the gateway or another controller, the button ’retry’ was clicked which turns off inclusion mode, or possibly an error occurred while adding the device

  • Check to make sure, the device is not already in the shades tab
  • If the shade is not in the shades tab, exclude the device using the Gateway/app, and re-include it. Note: A shade does not need to be showing in the shades tab to use the app to exclude it. Click the Trash Can Icon at the shades tab, at the top right. When clicked, that will turn on Exclusion mode on the Gateway. Activate learn mode on the shade by holding the shade programming button until it starts blinking green (3-5 seconds) and release. The shade should Jog one time after letting the button go, indicating it was successfully excluded


For Exclusion, if receiving this error, the device that is being excluded was not in the Gateways network. This is OK, if the shade did jog after letting the shade button go (after holding for 3-5 seconds) the shade memory was excluded

  • The shade should be ready to be re-added back to the Gateway