Step 1. Download the Graber Motorization App from the IOS App Store or Google Play

Step 2. Click "New to Graber Motorization".

Step 3. Create an account. 

Step 4. Share your location. 

Step 5. Select how you'd like to add shades.   

        Option 1. Pair your shades easily via Bluetooth

               To identify if your shade has Bluetooth capability, look for the blue tip on the antenna. 

        Option 2. Add a Graber Gateway  (see Setting up a Gateway device instructions

               A Graber Gateway is needed for the following.

                       *  Connecting any existing shades or new shades in your home that are Z-Wave only (no Bluetooth)

                       *  Integrating your shades with 3rd party automation and voice control

                       *  Scheduling routines dynamically based on sunrise and sunset times

                       *  Controlling your shades while away from home