If the motor has already been reset, you must set the limits before correcting roll direction.   Resetting Motorized Wand Shades

If your shade is operating down when up is pressed or vice verse, please use these instructions to correct. 
  1. Press and HOLD the UP and HOME button until the LED begins to alternate flash of RED and GREEN, motor will beep.
  2. Press and HOLD the UP and HOME buttons again until the LED turns off. The motor will beep and shade will jog.
  3. Limits will need adjusted.   (Limits will be approximately 6" apart)   

Adjusting Limits or Home Position
  1. Press and HOLD the UP or Down or Home (position you are adjusting) for 3 seconds, release the button when the motor beeps and LED begins to flash.
  2. Press the UP or DOWN button to move the shade to the new desired position.
  3. Save the position by press and HOLD the HOME button for approximately 3 seconds. The motor will beep and the LED will go out.
  4. The SET MODE will time out after approximately 10 seconds of no button presses. The LED flashing will turn off. (confirms not in SET MODE)