Factory Reset will clear all current limits and set them back to factory default values.    

You will need to set new limits and HOME position. 

  1. Press and Hold the HOME button for approx. 12 seconds.
  2. The LED will indicate the completion of the factory reset.  
    1. LED indication during the button press:
      • Solid GREEN once the button is pressed and held.
      • After 3 secs will start to flash GREEN
      • After 6 secs will start to flash AMBER
      • After 9 secs will start to flash RED rapidly.
      • After 12 secs the LED will turn off (and you may hear a beep and the shade will jog).


Setting LIMITS or HOME position:

  1. Press and Hold the button (UP or DOWN or HOME) for 3 secs – release the button once the LED begins to flash.  
    • UP SET MODE is indicated with a single GREEN LED flash  
    • DOWN SET MODE is indicated with a double GREEN LED flash  
    • HOME SET MODE is indicated with a triple GREEN LED flash 
  2. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to move the shade to desired position.  Shade movement begins on the press and stops on the release of the button.  For example, if the UP button is pressed in this SET MODE, the shade will begin to move upon sensing the UP-button press.  The Shade will continue to move UP while the UP button is continued to be pressed.  Shade movement will stop on the release of the UP button.
  3. The position is saved by pressing and holding the HOME button (approx. 3 secs) – SET MODE is exited and returned to USER MODE.  Note:  The SET MODE will timeout after approx. 10 secs of no button presses (the user will know SET MODE has timed out when the flashing LED turns off).
  4. Currently I do not have a means to exit SET MODE early – so if you decide that you do not want to change the LIMIT – just let the mode timeout (~10 secs of no button presses).