Note following these steps will clear all remotes and limits.    You will need to set limits and add remote to shade          


Before you begin.


If your remote currently operates a group of motorized shades on the same channel, you will first need to put all other shades into sleep mode to prevent any unwanted adjustments. 

NOTE:  Sleep mode will time out in approximately 15 minutes.


Press and hold the motor head program button until the shade jogs one time, then release (approximately 3 seconds).    The motor head will blink green.   



Quickly press and release the motor head program button.   The shade will jog two (2) more times confirming in sleep mode.   


You will need to repeat for each shade on the group channel. 

Once all adjustments are complete, you will need to deactivate sleep mode.  To exit sleep mode, quickly press and release the motor head, the shade will jog once confirming awake.


Resetting the motor to factory settings: 

On the Motor - Press and HOLD the program button until the shade jogs THREE times.   (this will clear all limits and controllers and motor is reset to factory settings) Note:  Motor will go to sleep if left untouched for 15 minutes.       


Assigning controller and setting limits:

After motor has been reset.    

  1. Starting at the motor – If LED is solid green move to step 2.    If LED is not solid green:  Briefly press and RELEASE, the program button on the motor head.   The shade should jog 3 times.    
  2. Using the controller - Select proper channel.  Press and HOLD the UP and DOWN together until shade jogs. 
  3. Check travel direction.   Press up or down to confirm proper direction.     To correct direction, press and HOLD the "MY" or "STOP" button until the shade jogs once, check direction again.
  4. Set the UPPER position - Bring shade to the desired upper limit stop point.  Press and HOLD "MY" ("stop") and DOWN together until the shades starts traveling down, then release.   Briefly press the MY button to stop the shade when the shade reaches desired lower limit.   Adjust as necessary by pressing the up or down. 
  5. Set the LOWER position - Press and HOLD "MY" ("stop") and UP together until the shade starts traveling up, then release.  The shade will travel to the pre-set upper limit. 
  6. Save limit settings - Press and HOLD the "MY" or "STOP" until the shade jogs once. 
  7. Using the controller -Press and RELEASE the controllers program button.  The shade will jog once.
  8. Shade is now ready to operate in user mode.    Confirm limits.   
  9. Repeat for each shade as necessary.