Solar Power Kit Considerations

The solar panel mounts indoors directly to the glass with included adhesive strips or using provided mounting brackets. Verify window is unobstructed to sunlight by vegetation, decorative grills, or bug screens. Window construction can be non-tinted, single or double pane, which have a minimum of 65% light transmission for proper solar charging.

Kit Includes: Solar panel, battery tube and 10 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, Y harness, battery tube clips, solar panel mounting brackets, glass-mount adhesive strips, alcohol wipe, and instructions.

• For outside mounts, battery tube can be installed above or to the side of the shade and the solar panel can be installed directly against the window within reach of the wire harness (approximately 10" (25.4 cm) Y harness)

• For inside mounts, battery tube and solar panel can be top-mounted (behind the headrail) or to the side of the shade (vertical orientation) between the shade and the window; additional recessed space will be needed

Battery Tube Dimensions: 213⁄4" (55.3 cm) x 11⁄8" (2.9 cm)

Solar Panel Dimensions: 12" (30.5 cm) x 11⁄2" (3.9 cm)

Battery Tube with Flush Mount: product flush mount + 11⁄8" (2.9 cm)

Battery Tube Minimum Recessed Space: product minimum recessed space + 11⁄8" (2.9 cm)