The most common issue with routines not operating all shades, is that some shades are out of RF range of the Gateway. Even shades that do run, may be causing the gateway to timeout due to not communicating with them well, which could cause other shades to fail

  • Check that no shades have the ‘failed to communicate’ error, if yes, resolve the failed to communicate issues with those shades. Refer to troubleshooting topic, “My shades or remotes have a failed to communicate error”
  • Check that the shades are fully powered or have sufficient power to operate
  • Check how the routine is built. Typical routines are one event, that performs an action on a device. For example, at 8 am (event), these shades run down immediately (action). Try to stay away from delay’s and multiple different actions within the same routine, for example at 8 am (event), these 5 shades go down (first action), wait 5 min. (delay), then these different 5 shades move up (second action)
  • Delete the scene, and rebuild it. Keeping in mind to keep it as one event, and one immediate action for the shades in that routine