See steps below to replace a motor in a Solar or Roller Shade, or open the PDF attachment.

Step 1. Remove shade from mounting bracket.

For shades in a cassette valance:
 To remove shade from brackets, push in on bottom to release cassette. This may

require pressure. Rotate down. 


For shades in a not in a cassette valance:
 Push up motor end, compress spring until hooks clear the bracket and lift shade out


Step 2  Locate Motor

  1. For shades in a cassette valance proceed to step 3

  2. For shades not in cassette valance proceed to step 4

Step 3  Remove plastic endcap and four screws holding the metal endplate.


Step 4  Slide the motor from the tube exposing the crown.

Step 5  The crown has a notch that must be aligned with the collar of the motor.

Step 6   Slide the motor fully into the tube. Ensure the crown is also aligned with the notches in the tube.

Step 7  Reinstall the shade into the brackets.
 (If the shade is in a cassette valance, reinstall the shade into the cassette and reattach the metal endplate and plastic end cap before reinstalling in the brackets)

Step 8  If motor or shade was rotated and now is in a different position (more than 2”) than before un-assembling, the upper and lower limits will be in different positions. To prevent damage to the product, reset and reprogram the motor. Refer to the appropriate users guide for programming instructions.