• If when adding a shade to the Gateway, the shade is shown or listed as a shutter type device, or if the shade is missing features such as the battery status indicator the shade needs to be excluded and re-added to the Gateway, making sure the Gateway is within 3-5 feet of the shade. Also ensure that any other devices have already been added are powered, online and do not show communication errors

Note: Do not reset the shade and purge the device when removing it. Follow the proper exclusion (unpairing) process.  

Instructions on how to Exclude (unpair) a shade 

1. Open the app and log into your account

2. Open the Shades screen , select the shade you want to unpair and press the ">" icon

3.  Open the advance setting by pressing the gear icon located in the top right corner.

4.  Press "delete" followed by "unpair".  This redirects you the the device pairing wizard to complete the unpairing process.