There are two steps for setting up your handheld remotes to operate shades that are on the Gateway. The first step is to physically add the remote to the Gateway and app, but the second step is to associate the remote, to the shades you want it to control

  • For the Single Channel and Two-Button Remotes: Once added to the Gateway, associate the remote to the shades. Single tap the remote program button, when it blinks alternating green activate learn mode on the shade by pressing the shade button until it blinks green and release (about 3-5 second hold)
  • For the Multi-channel Remote: Once added to the Gateway, use the remotes ‘Find’ feature to find the shades that are on the Gateway. At the menu screen, select ‘Shades’, then ‘Find’, then ‘Begin’. After the remote has found all the shades in the Gateway, assign the shades in the remote, to the channels you want the shades to operate from.   At the menu screen, select ‘Channel’, select the left/right arrow to change the channel on the remote, with the arrow next to the shade you want to assign, Press and Hold the remote menu button until a check mark appears next to the shade

If the remote still fails to operate the shade(s). Ensure the remote has been added to the Gateway. Using the Gateway/App to exclude the remote (do not reset) and re-include it, and then follow the association steps. You can find the remotes association instructions by navigating to the remotes advanced settings page, and click “Associate Shade”