• Make sure the device is within range.  Certain obstructions decrease the range.     
  • Check battery status for battery-operated shades.
  • Power cycle the shade by unplugging the power source for approximately 10 seconds and plugging it back in. 
  • Make sure the shade is not blocked or contained by metal objects.
  • You can try placing the gateway closer to the shade.   If moving closer does not fix the issue, reconnect to it.   To connect again, please exclude the device from the gateway and add it again.   For best results, be within 3 feet of the gateway. 

Shade Recovery (Bluetooth enabled shades)

In the event that the firmware update is interrupted, you will lose the ability to control your shades.   In order to regain control of the shade, you will need to use the Shade Recovery feature within the app and then complete the update. 

Step 1.  Navigate to the "More" tab and select "Shade Recovery."

Step 2.  Select the shades that need to be recovered.  I should be named "OTA." 

Step 3.  Select "recover" to begin the shade recovery process.   This will return to the "Firmware Update" screen. 

Step 4.  Complete the update.      Firmware update instructions

For additional support:

  • App:  On the main account screen or login page, click on “?” Icon – this will generate an email template – be sure to fill in all information requested,  
  • Email:  motorization.support@springswindowfashions.com,  
  • Customer Service Team: 1-800-221-6352

Note: Responses could take up to 24 hours