If the gateway is offline during or right after setup:

               After setting up the Gateway to Wi-Fi and creating your account, the Gateway is in the process of updating the firmware. After a successful setup, and when you are at the main account screen the Gateway can show Offline for a short period while it completes the update and the app syncs with the account server.


  • Simply refresh the app, if it does not show online right away, be patient periodically refreshing the app
    • For iOS, tap the Refresh circle/arrow in the app.
    • For Android, pull the screen down.


The speed of the internet and quality of the connection could determine how quickly the Gateway shows online, normally it’s quick and shouldn’t be any longer than 3 minutes. 


  • If still offline after waiting at least 3 minutes and having refreshed the app, completely close the app and reopen it.

If still offline after fully closing and reopening app, and waiting an additional 3 minutes:

If the Gateway LED is flashing blue (one sec between) then the Gateway is not connected to Wi-Fi; click the brand below. 



Signature Series