A Gateway device can be added as an optional upgrade for control in the Motorization app.   This device allows you to control your shades remotely when you are not at home and integrate with third party services.    

A Gateway device supports both Z-Wave and Bluetooth protocols.  

  • Z-Wave is a wireless technology that can be paired with other Z-Wave devices, allowing for a complete smart home.   
  • Bluetooth protocol allows for in home control while the gateway allows for out of home control.

Note:  If you are using remotes AND a gateway device, the remotes must be paired through the gateway device. 

  • The gateway plugs into any outlet.
  • The Gateway is only compatible with 2.4 GHz router bands.  (5GHz is not supported) 
    • You may need to check your router settings and ensure a dedicated 2.4 GHz SSID is available.   
    • For additional questions, contact your internet provider or router manufacture.  
  • The WIFI network must be password protected.
    • Unprotected hot spots are not supported.
  • Each Gateway can control up to 8 devices (shades, remotes, etc) for optimal performance.
  • Multiple Gateways can be added to one account to control more shades.   A shade cannot be added to more than one gateway at a time. 
  • The gateway will cover ~2500 square feet (60-100ft) depending on a variety of factors including the number of walls, material of walls, etc.  

Contact a dealer in your area for more information on the Gateway device.