If the app gives the error “Please check your Wi-Fi connection and try again” or “Please make sure your mobile device is within 30 feet of your Plug HubHub and try connecting again”:


  1. Confirm the device is still connected to the Plug Hubb network.
    1. Open the device Wi-Fi settings, the device should be connected to the Plug Hub with the status “Connected without internet.”
    2. If working with an older Android device, using the system back arrow sometimes prevents the app from proceeding to the “choose local network” screen. If the app does not proceed to this screen, try to open settings again and use the back arrow built into the settings menu, not the back arrow for the device itself.
  2. If the device is connected and the error persists, try disabling Data on the device, if applicable.
  3. Try reconnecting to the home network, closing the app, and trying once more.
  4. Wi-Fi reset the gateway and try again.
    1. With the gateway plugged in, press and hold the programming button for 5-9 seconds.
  5. If all else fails, try to Firmware reset the gateway and try again.
    1. Unplug the gateway.
    2. Begin holding the programming button on the gateway while it is unplugged.
    3. Without releasing the button, plug the gateway back in. Continue to hold the button for 6 seconds, and then release.
    4. The gateway should reset its firmware over the course of the next few minutes. Once it is reset and able to be reconfigured it will begin broadcasting its Plug Hub SSID again.