Everything needed to get started using your gateway:

Before you begin, confirm your phone’s operating system is:

               - iOS version 11 or greater

                - Android version 8 or greater

1.  Install the Bali Motorization App on your mobile device. Just look for it in the iOS App Store or on Google Play.

2.  Open your Bali Motorization App and select ‘New to Bali?’

3.  Plug in your gateway to the included adapter and plug into a constant power source. For your convenience, the gateway will work with any 5V 2A USB power adapter. If you choose to plug it into an appliance, just make sure it is always connected to power. Once it’s been plugged in, the blue LED will flash once and then turn off.

4. The app will prompt you to go to the Wi-Fi Settings menu on your mobile device to connect to your gateway. You will be required to enable your location. Select the Atom_###### temporary network. If the Atom temporary network is not visible, unplug then plug back in. If it is still not visible, tap Need Help in the app for troubleshooting tips.

5. Follow the prompts in your Bali Motorization App. Once you have selected the gateway network, return to your app, and follow the prompts to complete the setup process. While your gateway is connecting to your home Wi-Fi, it should blink once per second.  When it’s connected the gateway will stop blinking.

6. Congratulations! Your gateway is now connected.

7.  Follow the step-by-step instructions in the app. You will be required to validate your email to finalize setup. If you do not receive an email, please check your email filters. Once complete, your account will automatically be linked to the gateway. You will also be prompted to autodetect your location. Select ‘Allow’ and then ‘Save’. Your account is now set up. Click

‘Start’ to enter the app and the click ‘Connect’ to select your gateway.

8.  To add devices to your account, launch the Device Wizard by clicking the plus icon ‘+’ in the top right corner of the Shades tab. Select ‘Bali Product’ and choose the type of shade you would like to add. Follow the prompts to add your shades to your account. After your shades have been added, use the same Device Wizard to add your remotes to the gateway. You must add your shades to your account before adding your remotes. At the end of the Device Wizard for remotes, you will be

prompted to pair your remote to the shade(s) you would like to control.

9.  To connect with Alexa or Google Home after you have added all your shades and remotes, launch the Device Wizard by clicking the plus icon ‘+’ in the top right corner of the Shades tab. Select ‘Voice Assistants’ and choose the type you would like to connect to. Follow the prompts in the Bali Motorization App and your Digital Voice Assistant app to complete the process.