The Gateway can only be set up on one account.  If you receive an error that the Gateway belongs to another user or account, please try these steps. 

Note: Factory resetting the Gateway does not remove it from the original account it was registered to. 

If original account is available - 

  1. Log-in to the first/original account. 
  2. Choose the Gateway Serial Number that needs removed.
  3. Select "Advanced" 
  4. Select "Remove Gateway"

If you are unable to log-in to the original account - Please Please be sure to provide the Gateway serial number.

  • App:  On the main account screen or login page, click on “?” Icon – this will generate an email template – be sure to fill in all information requested,  
  • Email:,  
  • Customer Service Team: 1-800-221-6352

Note: Responses could take up to 24 hours