This error is generated when the Gateway is unable to communicate to a device, or communications from the device are not being received by the Gateway quickly enough. This means, either the device has insufficient or no power, or the device is out of RF range or radio signals are being obstructed

The most common cause of the ‘Failed to Communicate’ error is radio frequency range from the Gateway to shade (showing the error). If power for the device has been confirmed as good (following the standard, power triage procedure) and are still receiving the error, try the following:

  1. Adjust the antenna of the shade, while making sure it is not damaged, pinched or broken
  2. Move the Gateway closer to the shade
  3. Add a 3rd party Z-Wave repeater to the system

After running the shade, and the RF range has been resolved or altered, use the app to operate the shade. If fixed, the error should be removed

For remotes: In some cases, remotes can show a ‘Failed to Communicate’ Error even though they work and are not showing low batteries either through the app, or by the physical remote battery status indicator. Unless the remote is not working, in which case the remote batteries need changed you can disregard this error. The Gateway is set on a 12+ hour cycle to recommunicate with the remote at which time the remote status will be updated