1. Confirm the time zone is set properly.
    1. Tap “Menu” in the top left corner.
    2. Tap “Gateway Settings.”
    3. Tap “Unit Settings.”
    4. Update Time Zone/Location as needed.
  2. Confirm routines are set properly.
    1. Tap “Menu” in the top left corner.
    2. Tap “Routines.”
    3. If a routine exists:
      1. By the routine you wish to check, tap the wrench icon to edit.
      2. Under “Activation,” confirm the event matches what the customer wants. i.e., “Every day at 10:00.”
      3. If necessary, tap the right arrow on the activation event to edit it.
      4. If the time is set correctly on the routine, check that the “Actions” have no delay attached. A delay would be noted next to the arrow used for editing.
    4. If a routine does not exist, create a routine to match what the customer wants:
      1. Tap the “+” in the bottom right corner.
      2. At the top, enter a routine name.
      3. Tap the “+” next to “Add event.”
      4. Specify when to trigger the routine.
        1. “Interval” will operate at a given interval “Every [x] [y],” i.e., every 10 minutes, every 2 hours, every 7 days.
        2. “Daily” will let you set it to a specific time of day, sunrise/sunset, or before or after sunrise/sunset. Before/after can be offset by up to 24 hours.
        3. “Weekly” operates like daily but allows you to specify which day of the week to apply the timed trigger. i.e. At 8:00 AM Wed, Thurs, Fri.
          1. Multiple triggers can be assigned to the same routine. This can allow for “Weekday/weekend” scheduling to be setup up without having to duplicate routines.
        4. “Monthly” further compounds the granularity of daily/weekly and allows you to choose specific days of the month your trigger will activate.
        5. “Once” allows you to set one specific time in the future that will trigger a routine. The routine will not activate day after day with this setting.
      5. Tap the “+” next to “Add Action.”
      6. Specify what action(s) to take when the routine is triggered.
        1. Tap a device you want to add to the list of devices controlled by the routine.
        2. Specify the position you want the shade to move to at that time.
          1. You can use the up, down, or heart buttons to have the shade sent to its upper, lower, or home/favorite position respectively.
          2. You can alternately adjust the shade position with the slider below.
        3. Specify if the shade is to respond immediately or delay.
        4. Repeat until all shades that need to be added to the same routine are complete.
      7. Once the routine is saved, you can test it by tapping the play button next to the wrench on the Routines page.
        1. If the shades are already in the position they are intended to run to, they will not move.